Apple revises guidelines for template-based apps

This is a great compromise from Apple on template-based apps. I think there are situations where template based apps make sense and Apple is now allowing those on the App Store.

  • JimCracky

    It may be good of Apple to do this, but their initial action was tone deaf and draconian.

    Apple is not your friend. They are a large multi-national corporation running things sole for the benefit of their shareholders, avoiding tax and disrupting people’s lives.

    • Mo

      We all avoid tax where we can. Try not to be a hypocrite while you whine about your notionally “disrupted” life.

    • drx1

      I would say any business is about its business and is not your “friend”.

      The business, any business, is not about share holders either. Focusing solely on ROI for share holders eventually reduces ROI for share holders.