Elon Musk and Boeing: The great Mars rocket rivalry

First came this tweet, from the CEO of Boeing:

From the linked article:

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg made a bold claim about his company’s chances to put a human on Mars before Elon Musk, who has high-profile plans of his own with SpaceX.

On CNBC Thursday morning, host Jim Cramer asked Muilenburg whether he or Musk would “get a man on Mars first.”

“Eventually we’re going to go to Mars and I firmly believe the first person that sets foot on Mars will get there on a Boeing rocket,” Muilenburg responded.

Now comes my favorite part. Here’s the reply tweet from Elon Musk:

Bring it!

  • Caleb Hightower

    Glad to see Musk helping Muilenburg find his balls.

  • James Hughes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ”

    This is great!

  • John Kordyback

    Boeing’s cunning strategy will be to muscle Congress into a 300% tariff on SpaceX.

  • DanielSw

    One of the many things I like about Mr. Musk. He sincerely INVITES competition! That’s the way corporations should be run.

  • Brandon

    Perfect answer! It seems Elon is more interested in the goal, not the glory. He sincerely wanted to see vehicles go electric, so he gave away his patented technology. He wants to see humans on Mars and wants someone to accomplish it, whether it be himself or someone else. Amazing personality, humble, competitive, and always looking to better humanity.

    • except when he’s firing assembly line workers for trying to organize. such a humanitarian!

      • Brandon

        Tesla mass fired 1.2% of their workforce in October for poor performance, which resulted in a labor complaint by the UAW, not the other way around.

        Of course, the UAW will tell you otherwise, because that is their raison d’être.

        • JimCracky

          Musk is a bum.

          • DanielSw

            No he’s not. He’s a rare breed of executive who gets things done. It’s what this country needs badly.

      • DanielSw

        Tesla isn’t a charity. They’ve got almost .5M Model 3 orders to fill, and they have every right and obligation to get rid of any riff raff slowing down production.

        • Mo

          Not if they’re violating labor laws or skimping on worker protection. Assuming we still have any of that in place, of course.

          • DanielSw

            Oh yeah, let’s assume they’re violating labor laws, that’ll give y’all something else to be all up in arms about!

          • Mo

            Pot meets kettle.

            And if they were, how would we ever find out about it?