Featured Snippets: The latest frontier in Google search and discovery

Google blog:

Featured Snippets are algorithmically generated highlights of what’s available on the web that provide quick, relevant answers for your queries. Today, we’ve added more images and related searches inside select Featured Snippets to help you learn even more about your topic, or to discover new things related to your interest.

If you use Google for search, you’ve no doubt encountered Featured Snippets, a block of info at the very top of your search results, often with exactly the info you need.

Two interesting reads:

  • Kip Beatty

    While these are handy, I have a serious issue with them. It’s more or less Google stealing/plagiarizing content. They’ll pull the relevant answer from someone else’s site or blog and present it as a snipet. You really have to dig to know where it came from, and who bothers to do that once you have the answer. Google didn’t give you the answer, someone else did, yet Google takes the credit and the revenue.