iMac Pro launching December 18th, according to Google

  1. Take this with a grain of salt. Could simply be a parsing error on Google’s web crawling bot. But still.
  2. If you want the official word on the iMac Pro launch, here’s a link to Apple’s official iMac Pro notification page. Sign up and Apple will let you know when the iMac Pro launch is officially announced.

  • john doofus

    That’s about as late as they could possibly release it and still meet the original Dec 2017 deadline.

    It looks impressive, but I wonder how many they will sell. The market for $5K+ desktop macs must be pretty small, and I think the majority of those buyers will wait for the new Mac Pro.

    • Brian Klein

      There are a lot of starving video editors and motion graphics artists who do not want to leave the Mac platform. I think it will sell well. Not as well as an iPhone, or a MacBook Pro. But it’s going to sell.

      • john doofus

        I would imagine there’s pent-up demand for a new “pro” desktop Mac, and some of those people can’t wait until the new Mac Pro ships (WWDC?). So the iMac Pro wins there by default.

        But once the Mac Pro is available, how many people are going to choose the iMac Pro over it? I think that will be a very small market. Most buyers in that category still want a modular, expandable machine.

        • Brian Klein

          That’s a good point. I’ll be using it as a stop gap until they come out with a Mac Pro. But I would guess it all depends on the price point of the iMac Pro vs. Mac Pro once it comes out. I would imagine there will be people in both camps. Some will just want a machine that is fast and good, complete with display. Some will want flexibility and expandability. I’m a freelance video editor, and I might actually be a one of each kind of person.

          • john doofus

            Sure, we have to make some guesses about the Mac Pro. I think it will start at about $3999, but the Apple (8K?) display will cost at least $1999.

            I’m unlikely to buy either. My last desktop was the PowerMac G4. But if I was going to buy, it would definitely be a Mac Pro.

            I think Apple’s product planning got a bit screwed up when they allegedly reversed course on the Mac Pro earlier this year. The result is a weird product line: they don’t have a true “pro” notebook, but they’re going to be selling two different machines into the tiny $5K+ desktop niche.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Wait, I thought it was going to ship Dec 31.

  • Mo

    Please please please let there be a new Mac mini released simultaneously.

    I’m very likely going to want the new iMac Pro, But this house could definitely use a better mini before the year ends.