A first look at Apple Pay Cash, just released with new iOS 11.2 update

Lots of goodies in the iOS 11.2 update. Biggest of all was the release of Apple Pay Cash. I’ve been playing with it, looks very useful. In a nutshell, you’ll tie a debit card to the Apple Pay Cash card in your wallet, then use the Apple Pay Cash card to send or receive cash. A bit like Venmo or PayPal, but tied in to the secure enclave.

The folks from MacRumors put together a nice intro to Apple Pay Cash that I found quite easy to follow. It’s embedded below.

Once you’ve installed the iOS 11.2 update, fire up the Wallet app and you’ll be prompted to set up Apple Pay Cash.

UPDATE: There have been some comments about Apple Pay Cash only being available in beta. While this might be true, I can tell you that I played with it on a phone running the beta as well as on a phone that has a public release of iOS 11.2. So, perhaps it’s the Apple Pay Cash server that’s in beta?

  • I don’t think Apple Pay Cash has been released to all (non-beta) users with 11.2 installed.

    • lkalliance

      It appears that anyone that had the beta installed is connected to the beta server for the service, which has been operating for the benefit of the beta…but the real production server isn’t up yet, it was evidently not rescheduled to account for the early release of 11.2. So yeah, it appears that you only have Apple Pay Cash if you already had the beta installed, until the main service comes online, whenever that is.

      • thanks. I was wondering why I don’t see it yet. I’m interested in giving it a try, but not so interested that I installed the beta.

        • Mary


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  • brucej

    I just updated my iPhone 6 and it’s there, part of Apple Wallet settings.

  • It’s in iOS 11.2, but the production server is definitely not there yet. The Apple Pay card was there Saturday on the update, but not working. The card went away this morning, but it’s back now (just after noon PST). So I’m hopeful it will be soon, but it’s not critical at this point. So far I only have one person I want to send money to. And we live in the same house.

    • lkalliance

      We don’t live in the same house, Hrunga. You could just send me a check.

  • tbone7

    This is NOT live and working. I’m on an iPhone 7, running 11.2. I saw Apple Pay Cash as an option in the Wallet & Apple Pay preference pane this morning, entered in my iCloud password, and received an error. Later in the day, the Apple Pay Cash button is now totally gone from that pane.

    After last weeks abysmal string of software problems, you would think Apple would try not to screw this one up. But they did.