The power of RAW on iPhone, part 1: shooting RAW

Sebastiaan de With:

I am the design half of the team that makes the iPhone app Halide, which is a camera app with manual controls and, most importantly, RAW capture.

RAW affords you editing freedom. Absolute freedom to change the colors and white balance of a photo, or recover too-bright highlights and too-dark shadows.

However, as awesome as RAW is, it’s important to know RAW isn’t a magic “enhance” button. It’s helpful to understand how a RAW file is fundamentally different than JPEG, to fully understand the tradeoffs.

Great post and, now that I have an iPhone X, I’m really looking forward to using it with the Halide app and shooting and editing in RAW as I do with my DSLR.

  • rick gregory

    Nice link, thanks. I’ve been shooting RAW on my 6S with Halide and even on that it’s better.

  • snaab4

    And now if only Apple, after putting RAW capability on the phones, would make their native Photos app compatible with these RAW images. They really look like crap when accessed in the native iOS Photos app.

    • rick gregory

      Yeah, see the post for why that is (low res preview basically).

      • snaab4

        I understand that. If other apps can show the DNG in full res, there’s no reason Apple can’t build that capability into its own Photos app.

        • rick gregory

          Oh, I agree. Just commented in case you’d missed that (one never knows…).

  • Mo

    This is tempting, but it’d immediately exceed the use I currently put Photos to.