Best train trips in the world

Architectural Digest:

From the mysteries of Machu Picchu to the enigma of Blarney Castle to the gleaming white peaks of Chamonix, these destinations are not only historical but are served by these train journeys that truly evoke the period and style of the landscapes they roll past. Upgrade your experience by booking these ten journeys that offer luxury amenities, beautifully curated interiors, and true hospitality. From measured candlesticks to crystal vanities to plummeting heights, you’ll remember more than your final destination once you step on board these glamorous locomotives.

Like many people, I love trains but they aren’t the most efficient form of travel. If I had all the time and money in the world (many of these trips are not cheap), I’d definitely travel by train.

I was lucky enough as a student to take the train across Canada and the Banff to Vancouver section through the Canadian Rockies was utterly stunning.

  • davebarnes

    Efficient and very affordable. Lisboa to/from Porto. We rode the trains and they were excellent. Very pleased with my experience on Comboios Portugal.

  • f1rehead

    Any list of best train rides in the world that doesn’t include the Glacier Express (“World’s Slowest Express Train!”) in Switzerland is one item too short.

    • Margaret

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