Apple COO Jeff Williams on Apple Watch heart study: ‘Hopefully we can save a lot of lives’


Apple has released a first-of-its-kind Heart Study app to research whether its Apple Watch can pick up a heart rhythmic disorder called atrial fibrillation — one of the most common causes of strokes and heart failure.

People who sign up for the study will use the watch to monitor their heart rate and heart rhythm and will consult with a physician if there’s an abnormality.

Atrial fibrillation is responsible for some 130,000 deaths every year in the U.S. alone.

Apple is continuing along a path that will take them to the Apple Watch becoming the preferred device for health monitoring.

  • I hesitated for a long time before getting my watch, but finally realized it was likely to change my health in a positive direction, in small to medium ways. How could I justify NOT getting one if it added, say, six good months to my life?

    I’m still not filling the exercise ring, but I’m always filling the stand ring and occasionally the move ring. I’m more aware of how often I hydrate throughout the day. And I get to look at my phone less.

    I’m using my watch at the bare minimum (once strapped to wrist) and it’s already wonderful. It only gets better from here.

  • rick gregory

    I’m happy to see this. My Dad died of an AF caused stroke. The atrial fib appeared 6 months after his physical and caused a clot that damaged him. He hung on for 4 more years, but eventually died of a second stroke.

  • I was so lucky that while they were prepping me for triple bypass surgery in September, they detected afib. So I got an afib oblation snip. That’s a metal clip that cuts off blood to an appendage in the heart where blood pools during afib and causes clots and strokes. Because of that catch by the nurse, I don’t have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life!

    This is serious stuff folks. Make sure you keep track of your heart health. It’s critical that you see a doctor regularly and avoid the pain and suffering from not paying attention. Which I did for three months, and almost died.

    Can’t wait to see if this app can work for me!

    • An upvote seems so inadequate. Thanks for sharing this. Glad you’re still with us!