Why Jony Ive is Apple’s design genius

Smithsonian Magazine:

Of the handful of companies that have come to define technology in the 21st century, including Amazon, Facebook and Google, only Apple depends on selling its own hardware. And Ive’s mark is on everything Apple builds, from the airy, minimalist chic of its 497 retail stores to seminal devices like the iPhone and iPad, and newer pieces like the Apple Watch and the upcoming HomePod speaker.

It’s clear from my recent interview with Ive—he’s sitting on a sofa in a suite at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan—that his artistic impulses haven’t changed much since childhood: He has always sought to make things that aren’t just beautiful but are supremely functional as well.

I always love interviews with Ive.

  • Cranky Observer

    I’d be more impressed if just one of these interviews asked Ive some questions about the downsides of Bauhaus design, as documented over the last 80 years. Every half-generation of design professionals comes out of school having “discovered” the wonders of Bauhaus and gets right to work incorporating it in all their designs; it takes another half generation before the deep flaws inherent in that design philosophy and the reaction shuts it down.