Hacking the AirPods case to add wireless charging

This is an ugly hack, not something I would ever do to what I consider a beautifully designed case. Especially considering that Apple is said to be shipping their own inductive AirPods case in the near future.

That said, I did find this interesting, a chance to see how to quickly and cheaply implement a Qi-compatible wireless charging solution.

  • xp84

    I used the same cheap lightning qi charging coil they used for a few months last year on my iPhone 6s or 7. Only problem with it was that I need access to lightning sometimes for things like CarPlay or to use a backup battery. Taking off my case and the coil, and storing the coil and putting it back, was too much of a pain. Definitely looking forward to getting an X or 8 soon so that I can return to wireless charging without that drawback!