Removing a gigantic hornet’s nest. No, really, this is GIGANTIC.

Scares me just watching this. Jump to about 2 minutes in for a real closeup of the innards. That’s one brave individual.

  • This’s an excellent metaphor for removing…many other problems.

  • Mo

    “Well, there’s your problem.”

    Too bad the video ended before the camera housing got totally smeared with hornet impacts.

  • We get yellow jacket ground nests around here and in late summer I usually bump into one when mowing and get a few stings. Sucks. But, this is on another level all together. Wow.

  • Franko65

    With the lawn mower in the shed, Timmy finally has a valid excuse not to cut the grass o.O

  • Costa K

    That room needed one thing. A match.