50 best albums of 2017

Rolling Stone:

Some of the year’s best classic rock came from pop stars like Kesha and Harry Styles; some of the year’s most acclaimed pop statements came via glossier sounds from alterna-rock icons like Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, St. Vincent and Grizzly Bear. SZA melded emo self-evaluation with the sounds of modern R&B, Chris Stapleton joined classic soul to contemporary country, Jlin added experimental cutting-edge textures to Chicago dance music, Valerie June explored decades of American music and Drake pulled sounds and collaborators from all across the world. Here’s the best of a tumultuous year.

I’m officially old. Not only do I not own any of these albums, I’ve never even heard of three-quarters of the listed bands.

  • Considering Rolling Stone was so myopic about bands back at their founding (they didn’t like Led Zeppelin, not to mention their founder had a sexual misconduct record that would make Roy Moore blush), I’m not sure I’d grant them much credibility; either to be impartial, or willing to concede they have a rather poor track record when it comes to longevity of bands.

  • The Cappy

    “… melded emo self-evaluation with…” I threw up a little in my mouth just reading that.

  • I own four of the albums: Robert Plant, The New Pornographers, St. Vincent, and Randy Newman. But I’m officially old because I own them all on CD.

  • James Hughes

    I am surprised I know 23 of them. Well, “know” as in heard of about 10 of those 23, soooo.