Apple’s Face ID ads

Apple has just posted these two ads for Face ID.

It will be interesting to see how these are received by average users unfamiliar with the technology.

  • Janak Parekh

    My sister, who’s a doctor, loves it. She says it mostly feels like the phone is unlocked.

    • I’ve heard the same from a coworker. It’s just always there, ready to go.

      • Jeanne


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  • James Hughes

    My son didn’t know it could unlock in the dark. He loved the animoji too. My wife just smiles every time I show her something about the iPhone X. I am apparently “geeking out”. It is amazing how quickly I got used to Face ID though. The swipe interface still needs some work, plus I do as well need to train myself better. Over time the interface will get better and I will learn to use it better. Over all, very happy with it.

  • Paul Frazier

    First ad is great. 2nd answers an major question/assumption many people have.

  • kais

    First ad is great. 2nd answers an major question/assumption many people have.

  • despite all the concern trolls gnashing their teeth, Apple Pay is as quick as it was with touch id. you double click the side button as you’re removing the X from your pocket, then you simply look at it as you tap it to the NFC POS terminal. “Bing!” it’s instant. there’s no “stop and hold phone to face” just as we said there wouldn’t be.