Big picture of the iPhone X projected IR dot pattern

Fascinating project from Oliver Thomas. He bought a high resolution camera that can capture infrared images. He set the camera up on a tripod and shot the IR dot pattern projected by the iPhone X.

Here’s the tweet:

Check out that image. Amazing. Not clear if all those dots are projected all at once or if a shorter shutter opening would show just some of this overall pattern.

Looking forward to more of this work. Nice job, Oliver.

  • JimCracky

    Fantastic. I predict a whole new art form.

  • James Hughes

    Dave, these do look like stars, interesting. i wonder if there are even higher res pics or if the actual high res one Oliver took is not the one he posted. I looked at it in Photoshop and it’s not that high. Pretty cool though. I wonder how he got the IR dot pattern to fire?