Apple’s new holiday ad

The ad is called “Sway.”

  • Prof. Peabody

    I’m sorry, but that’s awful.

    • Kriztyan

      Why is it awful? I think it is effective. It’s not a movie, it is advertising and at that is memorable and well executed.

      • Janak Parekh

        Look at Prof. Peabody’s posting history. For the last few months, all they do on Loop Insight is to post one disparaging response to posts here. They’ve soured on Apple, not worth replying to them anymore.

      • yeah he’s just a troll, his job is to piss on everything apple. i don’t know whether it’s a job or a neurosis tho.

  • rick gregory

    Melancholy… nicely done.

  • Bob

    It was nice right up until the end where he didn’t have his own set of ear pods. Huh. I don’t get it.

    • Imagination is where the magic resides.

    • Billy Razzle


  • Mo

    Nice dance piece. Reminds me a bit of the sort of moment-in-time that we used to see on variety-show tv (including early SNL), but with a greatly expanded setting.

  • excellent performers. and i read elsewhere they’re a real couple.