Scrivener 3 for macOS Is more flexible and powerful than ever for long-form writing


However, long-form writing is a different animal altogether that benefits from a project-based approach that also includes tools for planning, organizing, researching, and tracking. Today, Literature and Latte released version 3.0 of Scrivener for macOS with a long list of new features that cements its spot as one of the premier project-focused apps available on the Mac for long-form writing.

Scrivener isn’t just for book writers, but the features that cater to them are what sets the app apart from other text editors.

I no longer write long-form but I would have loved this app in college and almost every long-form writer I know uses and loves Scrivener.

  • Greg R.

    I really, really, really would like Apple Pencil/handwriting support for the iOS app. It would be great to annotate PDFs within and take quick handwritten notes.

    • Tom_P

      That’s what Apple Notes is for. But Scrivener should put itself in Notes share sheet so you can export notes to it easily.

  • I love it too, but have yet to do anything long form. But I do use it for research at work. It’s a very flexible tool, and so deep in terms of features. Once you use it, Word and its ilk seem little better than TextEdit in comparison.