Apple exec on making a completely green iPhone and tackling child labour concerns in supply chain

Australia News:

The company wants to use 100 per cent recycled and renewable materials like bioplastics to make its iPhones, Macbooks and other consumer electronics in a bid to reduce its reliance on raw materials.

“What we’ve committed to is 100 per cent recycled material to make our products, or renewable material,” Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, told “We’re working like gangbusters on that.”

While some of Apple’s efforts are described as “nonsense”, they may be the only major company on the planet at least making the attempt to be as green as possible.

  • CapnVan

    I’ve had to help out on a non-profit’s efforts to raise money from Apple over the last couple of years. As a part of that, I’ve had to do some fairly deep research into their green efforts.

    Perhaps they’re wrong, but they’re clearly committed to getting as far upstream as possible, and they think they can make it ethical and profitable.

  • Heos Phorus

    Personally, I’d prefer if they made a fair trade phone first. But at apple‘s scale of operation, 100% green products are still going to have some impact. Go, apple!

    p.s.: The last paragraph of the article makes it sound like it was a planted PR-bit to justify their tax evasion. Ironically, it‘s similar to their green efforts. There are no laws that oblidge them to go that green, as they are breaking no laws (yet) by shifting their profits to tax havens. It‘s purely a question of morals vs. profits (and repeatedly stating that they are the largest corporate tax payer in the world and that they are breaking no laws isn’t going to change that). I guess, going green is easier to sell.

  • James Hughes

    Percent Shawn. : )

  • James Hughes

    Apple’s always tried. That’s what really bugged me about green peace when they were giving Apple bad marks.

    • Lucille


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    • Mo

      Greenpeace got what they needed from those “ratings.”