The Cheesecake Factory: “a fully immersive postmodern design hellscape”

max sledroom:

The Cheesecake Factory essentially grew out of a Los Angeles bakery business. Then, in 1992, they brought on hospitality designer Rick McCormack and shit went off the rails. We’re talking Victorian-Egyptian-Rococo off the rails.

I mean check out the exterior – Greco-Roman cornices, seashells above the pseudo-arched doors, topped with a dome airlifted from St. Basil’s.

This is a hilarious Tweetstorm about the utterly bizarre decor of The Cheesecake Factory. I still remember my first visit and thinking, “What the hell is going on here!?” If you want to read even further on why The Cheesecake Factory is as weirdly designed as it is, check out this article as well.