Apple’s new Visitor Center opens

San Jose Mercury News:

The Visitor Center, which sits across North Tantau Avenue on the east end of the campus, is Apple’s designated portal to Apple Park for the public. It allows tourists to see the campus from a rooftop deck and enjoy special Apple swag at the store downstairs.

It looks great but it’s a shame the great unwashed masses are restricted from getting anywhere near the new building.

And seems there isn’t as much swag for sale as there was in the old Apple Employee Store which is a real shame. I’ve always thought Apple is leaving a lot of money on the table by not broadening its clothing and gear offerings.

  • I can understand both. That they don’t let tourist near their facilities and that they hate Apple-branded swag and souvenirs.

  • Mo

    The selection does seem to be a bit thin.

  • I’ll be glad if there’s any swag at all. I was disappointed that after they revamped the Employee Store into a regular Apple Store, the only souvenirs that were left were a handful of t-shirts.

  • tbone7

    davidcgc is right. The on site store at Infinite Loop was gutted a few years ago, and stripped of all of the cool Apple logo gear. Gone are the hoodies, polo shirts, coffee tumblers, and all the other nice stuff they had. All that remains is basically an Apple retail store, with the option to purchase a few shirts, note pads, or water bottles. Disappointing.