A chess novice challenged Magnus Carlsen. He had one month to train

Wall Street Journal:

Max Deutsch went through a month of training before he traveled across the ocean, sat down in a regal hotel suite at the appointed hour and waited for the arrival of the world’s greatest chess player.

Max was not very good at chess himself. He’s a 24-year-old entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco and plays the sport occasionally to amuse himself. He was a prototypical amateur. Now he was preparing himself for a match against chess royalty. And he believed he could win.

There’s no way an admitted chess novice could beat a world champion – is there?

  • Wow, chess is now a sport! I suppose speed chess might be.

    • Lena


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  • Magnus was extremely gracious

    Agree, and this stuff’s been the hallmark of Magnus’ career. For those not familiar with him, he’s anything but the stereotypical chess champion. Think of him as the un-Kasparov (and many think he’s better). Regular guy, fashion model, seemingly beyond chess genius. “Magnus”, is a lot of fun to watch and it’s on Netflix, etc.