This simple AirPods hack can dramatically improve the sound quality

Thomas Ricker, The Verge:

Since the AirPods are notoriously leaky due to their open-air design, that got me to thinking: what if I could close the air gap to simultaneously block ambient noises while increasing the bass response? That’s when I found this video on the PoltergeistWorks YouTube channel.

I’ve embedded the video below, will dig through my gear to see if I can get my hands on a pair of foam covers that will fit over the AirPods, give this a try.

I do get the premise. The foam covers will make for a better fit and a tighter seal. The big work is poking the holes in the covers to allow the sensors to work properly. Will that improve the sound? Maybe for some.

Regardless, I found it interesting, thought it worth a share.

  • Aren’t the holes for the sensors to work, not for sound? Without the holes, the AirPods wouldn’t know if they were in or out of your ears…

    • Mo

      Watch the video. It specifically shows him marking the position of the sensors.

    • Dave Mark

      Yup, absolutely. I edited the wording. Thanks for the correction.

      — Dave

  • Mo

    I’ve been using foam rubber covers on my EarPods (and other-brand earbuds) for years. I don’t know whether they improve the sound, but they certainly help keep the buds from falling out.

  • peteo

    waiting for multi million dollar kickstarter in 3 2 1.. and subsequent failure to deliver in 5 years

  • JimCracky

    I just got mine and find they sound good enough for earbuds. I prefer over the ear when listening critically.

  • Praj

    He could have bought these:

  • David Boroditsky

    Um, you’ve embedded an ad, not the video.

    • James Hughes

      I saw a video of someone attaching from covers, making holes for the sensors etc. was it an actual add for you at the time you posted this?