Boston Dynamics’ Atlas can perform backflips now

The Verge:

After unveiling a teaser of its SpotMini robot just a few days ago, the company is now back with a new video of Atlas just casually performing gymnastics moves like it’s Tokyo 2020. Most of the video highlights the Atlas’ ability to hop up straight and stabilize itself on a platform, and jump while turning 180 degrees. Its movements are more fluid than ever, and Atlas appears to maintain great form.

I love how the robot sticks the landing at the end.

  • James Hughes

    I’ve been here, the displays at the front entrance area are incredible. The whole place is just so cool. I feel like an idiot there though. : )

    Oh.. and Mars? Here “we” come.

  • John Kordyback

    To quote Alex Medina, ‘we dead’.

  • MacsenMcBain

    Why does a robot need to do a backflip?

    • Lena


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