Using your AirPods case as an iPhone stand

Here’s a demo of the AirPods case as iPhone stand:

UPDATE: Interesting idea. Tried it myself. Unstable, don’t recommend it unless you can find some way to stabilize it.

Consider this stand instead, it’s even more compact. Looks very stable. [H/T @bmike]

  • Brandon Pamplin

    I tried this with a 5S yesterday and, while it works, its not particularly stable since the AirPods case wants to be closed. I see this as a way to have the case’s hinge collapse, sending your expensive, scratchable, shiny phone falling flat on its surface.


  • Does not even come close to working with my iPhone X and the Olive Green Mujjo leather case.

    And don’t bother telling me there are better cases. Don’t want to hear it.

    • Chris Rawson

      Not true. I wore AirPods on a flight from Dunedin to Auckland a couple months ago, and they were more than up to the task.

      Did they do as good a job at blocking out noise as my wired Shure headphones? Of course not. But they definitely weren’t “useless”.