Watch these BMW gestures and think about bringing them to the Mac

This morning, I dug around and found the video embedded below, which shows off the gestures available on the latest BMWs (they’ve been available for a few years, but the sensors/gestures have evolved each year, getting better and better).

Think about the idea of having a similar set of gestures available on the Mac. The idea of tech on your phone or Mac sensing your presence, attention, or movements, clearly add value to the user experience.

The idea of a touch screen Mac is different than a gesture-aware Mac. I think the gestures on the BMW would work well on a Mac. Not necessarily the same gestures, but similar gestures. Especially if the gestures could be subtle.

Imagine an incoming phone call, while you are typing away at your Mac. You lift your hand from the keyboard, make a quick swiping gesture, and the call is dismissed. Or you make a c’mon gesture, and the call is answered.

I see a lot of possibilities here.

[H/T, @bolykidotorg]

  • Cool stuff but the editing of the video was atrocious. Really annoying and distracting.

  • I would back gestures like these for MacBooks before ever backing reaching out to touch the screen. I have a touch screen PC at work, and I never use it. I will sometimes try to touch the screen of a laptop if it is actually on my lap, but never when it is sitting further away on a desk.

  • Kriztyan

    Because pressing a button is so hard? I am not sure what this solves.