The $85,000 desk

I love some of the things Tina Roth Eisenberg finds on the Web, but I couldn’t afford to buy this one.

  • Steve H

    Proving that having money does not mean having taste. <>

  • No! Just no. I’m going to go sit in the dark and let my eyes rest.

    Remember those cars called Rambler or Nash? Yeah, that’s what I think of looking at this desk.

  • The Cappy

    Thanks. It’s actually really nice to see something that expensive that I don’t want in the slightest.

  • freediverx

    I wouldn’t pay $99 for this thing.

  • Mo

    Looks like a set decoration from “The Fifth Element.”

  • flydrive

    That is absolutely hideous. Interesting the site is called Swiss Miss, I have no idea if the desk is Swiss, but it’s most definitely a miss. Jim, please save up something way less than $85,000 and buy another motorcycle because those are things of beauty.

    • LOL Jim doesn’t ride a motorcycle. I’m the guy on The Loop that rides.

  • John Kordyback

    I think they should put it on the Price is Right and see what the contestants guess.