Review of Google’s Pixel Buds: Not good

Chris Davies did a great review of Google’s new wireless headphones, Pixel Buds. He went through all of the main features and compared them to Apple’s AirPods, a product I know much more about.

  • James Hughes

    “if you’re running a recent OS version, a pop-up showing the Pixel Buds are offering to connect will appear.”

    That’s always the problem with Android. To take full advantage, including the Google Assistant, you need version 6 and up. That leaves almost 50% Android users out in the cold.

  • nizy

    To me these seem more comparable to the Beats X than AirPods. The thing I like most is the touch controls for assistant/play/pause etc.

  • Caleb Hightower

    The only Con that really carries any weight for me is sound quality. The other Cons really aren’t worth mentioning.

    But no mention if these are susceptible to loosing connection, or if they stay in stereo during phone calls. I’m guessing these are not issues, but they tend to be with other truly-wireless ear buds.