iPhone X: The Android Central review

Daniel Bader, Android Central:

Apple calls iPhone X the future of the smartphone, but after using it for a week — and coming from months of Android use — I can comfortably say that it’s a really great phone. In fact, it is the best iPhone to date, and I’ve had a tremendous time with it, but it doesn’t drastically change my opinion of the iPhone as a product, nor of iOS as an ecosystem.

That’s not to say Google and its hardware partners can’t stand to learn a few things from the iPhone X.

Let’s cut to the chase.

As you make your way through this review, keep in mind that this is written by the Managing Editor of Android Central. I found it to be objective, but clearly told from the view of an Android user. Keep that in mind, but do read the review.

  • Chris

    Does Rene do reviews of Android phones? I can’t be bothered to spend time reading a review from a perspective I don’t share. And, the same holds true if iMore did a review on a flagship Android product. I don’t care for the hardware or, moreso, the services. In fact, it’s the services that keep me away more than anything. Call me closeminded. I was once part of Android land and can not see me returning. Too invested in an ecosystem that works well for me, and my family.

    • jdawgnoonan

      Why do people want to only have their own beliefs reinforced within the safety of their own bubble? I find this especially funny for something as pointless as a smart phone review.

      • because we’re confident and certain in our position that iOS and iPhone is far superior and we’d never want to use Android for any reason? it’s OK to be certain of things.

        just as im certain Mac/macOS is superior to Windows and I’d never switch to Windows. ever.

      • Chris

        You’re funny, perhaps inspired by your unique ability to apply bias. Let me be clear: my beliefs are my own, and require zero reinforcement.

      • Mo

        I’d prefer to get my alternative opinions from a genuinely impartial source, but Mossberg retired.

      • rick gregory

        It’s less (for me) about reinforcing my beliefs in this case than in finding value. I dont care about an Android fan’s view of the X (positive or negative) as I’m not coming from the viewpoint of someone on Android who is interested in iOS for some reason.

        If I were a person genuinely on the fence and willing to consider iOS or Android, this would have a lot of value.

        In fact, I didn’t read this for the same reason I haven’t read most reviews of the X – I’m not in the market. Most people only read product reviews when they’re actually thinking of buying a product in that class.

      • Tom_P

        I don’t even care about anything Android when iOS & its ecosystem is working well for me. I don’t go to read about it. I don’t go to discuss about it. I won’t waste my time on it. It’s not about our own bubble. It’s about we are doing great. Trust me, if Android’s really great I will know. The same way I knew OSX & iPhone were great when I was using Windows PC & Windows phone.

    • Sallie


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    • Rene received his Pixel 2 XL this week, so I am guessing he does.

      That is a pretty narrow minded world view. I know the iOS perspective, I want to know what others think.

      • Chris

        ”….narrow minded world view.”

        Sorry. I disregarded the global implications of phone choice. Regardless, thanks for your review of my opinion.

  • acbarn

    I actually enjoyed the review. It is well balanced and offers some new insights due to his unique perspective. Some of the reviews published by Apple-centric sites have been hyperbolic, and consequently, less informative.

  • no.

  • Mo

    As long as the writer’s tone stays clear of the tunnel-visioned condescension one finds with Thurrott, I’m curious to see this one.