iPhone X, meet roller derby

Serenity Caldwell is, secretly, a member of a top 10 women’s roller derby team. The iPhone X dropped the same day as the WFTDA’s annual international championships.

What better test for the iPhone X than to put it through its paces trying to capture some high speed flat track action?

Serenity’s writeup takes you through the specifics, but for my money, the real nugget of gold in her review is the pulse-pounding video embedded below. Those are some great slo-mo shots.

Be sure to bump the resolution up to 1440 in the YouTube window for best results.

  • Mo

    Formidable. And the slo-mo’s pretty good, too.

  • David Martin
  • John Kordyback

    Serenity Caldwell is one my favourite tech journalists today.

    Two thoughts: 1. I wonder how many knee injuries they get from collisions? 2. Their butts must be black and blue by the end of it.

    They are all a hell of a lot tougher than me.

  • I am not sure where your use of secretly comes from, it has been brought up on every podcast I have ever heard her on.

  • Bumping resolution up to 2160 is even better than 1440!