Five ways Apple could improve iPhone X usability

Rene Ritchie, iMore:

I stand by my claim that iPhone X is the best damn product Apple has ever made but that doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t get better. That includes how new features like Face ID, gesture navigation, Control Center access, and Lock screen buttons are currently implemented.

A solid list of ideas, all of them filed as feature request radars, with the radar numbers if you’d like to dupe them yourself.

  • lkalliance

    I took the opportunity to visit an Apple Store this weekend to play around with the display units. I was trying to do things one-handed, and I noticed the thing that Rene noticed, about how difficult it is to reach Control Center one-handed. That was even true for me when I invoked Reachability.

    BUT…there are really three regions in the status bar: left horn, right horn, and the Notch itself. Currently a swipe down from the Notch is Notification Center, like a continuation of the left horn. But if it were Control Center instead, then with Reachability I could reach both, because I’d only need to reach the left horn and the center, rather than left horn and right horn. That’s because I’m right-handed…currently I expect left-handed users have an easier time of it. Perhaps a setting to switch the Notch swipe to be Control Center instead?

    It occurred to me as I was going through all of this that I currently almost never use my iPhone SE one-handed anyway. Since the very beginning I’ve held the phone in my left hand, and interacted with the fingers of my right hand. So this is probably a case of me stressing over an unimportant edge case.

  • It would be nice if more apps too some design queues from the stock maps app and started putting UI buttons and search fields closer to the bottom of the screen where my thumb is.

    Also would be nice if iOS could move back buttons from top left to somewhere closer to bottom of the screen. I feel like I need to constantly reach too far with my thumb when I’m using the phone 1-handed.