The iOS 11 camera “floor crosshair”

From Cabel Sasser on Twitter:

First things first, this is a great new feature. To see it for yourself, go to Settings > Camera, and make sure that Grid is enabled.

Now, when you tilt your camera flat and facing the floor (or, interestingly, the ceiling), a crosshair will appear.

But what really struck me was reading the replies to the thread, where the Apple developer who created the feature as an intern chimes in. For all its faults, this is the gold heart of Twitter.

  • love that the apple person who implemented the feature chimed in!

    • Mo

      I love that they’re allowed to do so.

      • Janak Parekh

        They’re not currently an Apple employee if their Twitter bio is current—they did this as a former intern.

        That said, when iOS 11 was announced for iPad, a bunch of folks did say “my feature is finally released!” so perhaps Apple does explicitly allow for this.

        • GlennC777

          If so that’s more openness than I normally expect from Apple. A good thing in a case like this I think.