Apple: 52% of devices are now using iOS 11

Apple has updated their pie chart. Amazingly, more than half of all devices have updated to iOS 11, which was released less than 2 months ago.

Here’s the chart:

Here’s the Android chart:

That little sliver, Oreo, was released a few weeks before iOS 11. Nougat was released a year before that, and Marshmallow released in October 2015. Add them all together and they are still less than the 52% adoption rate of iOS 11.

Just saying.

[H/T Robert Davey]

  • Janak Parekh

    Sure, comparing to Oreo is night and day. But only 52% is worrying, too. Even new emojis!!!1 aren’t getting people to upgrade.

    • Mo

      I use a 6. Based on what I’ve heard about how 11 runs on them, I can wait.

      • Janak Parekh

        11.1 seems a little bit better in my very unscientific use of it. But, I have an iPad Pro, so I do my heavy iOS lifting on it anyway.

  • GS

    Looks like the Verge article about this has been changed to reflect this Apple update on adoption rates. Previous version really tried to make it look like the rate was much less. Also appears their reasoning for this was changed quite a bit. Horrible standards over there.

    • Mo

      Someone probably passed a remark about the shirt Nilay wore today.

  • SV650

    Many (most?) folks who purchase Android phones are purchasing a tool that allows them basics of communication at a satisfactory price point, not a piece of leading edge technology. If my sister-in-law is any example, one of her biggest complaints about her iPhone was being notified about regular updates. She seems happier with her non-updated Android now.

    • Mo

      FWIW, I’d rather be pestered for security updates that my phone can actually use than to be left behind almost immediately after the purchase.