The iPhone X cracked on the first drop


I took our Space Gray iPhone X out to the sidewalk in front of CNET’s San Francisco offices: a place where many screens have met their doom.

Is it just me or are these kinds of “tests” utterly ridiculous? Of course glass things break when you drop them. Is this really a surprise to anyone?

Not good considering it was the first drop.

Is CNET really unclear how dropping things works? What difference does it make if it’s the first drop or the tenth? Do they think that the phone gets less durable the more you drop it?

Is the iPhone X more fragile than past iPhones? Tough to say, because none of our tests are scientific.

Then maybe you should leave the “testing” to those who can do it scientifically. Regardless, it seems to be pretty much common sense that, when you drop things, they sometimes break.