The 37 best photography accessories

Digital Camera World:

From the strap you use to carry your camera comfortably to hard drives on which you store years’ worth of creations, accessories are the supporting players that we can’t do without.

Here, we’ve gone through the recent issues of Digital Camera, N-Photo, PhotoPlus and Digital Photographer magazines to find the gear that’s impressed us the most, and also added some longstanding favourites that will make your shooting, editing and image management easier.

Got a photographer in your life you need Christmas gift(s) for? This is a varied list with all kinds of price points on some cool accessories for your shooter.

  • GlennC777

    Sorry Shawn, but any list that puts a cap keeper at #3 is not compiled by somebody who knows the first thing about photography.

    Lots of these are fine but there’s no substance at all. It’s a click-fest and nothing more.

    • Heather


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  • George3C

    Please, please, please. Try to use your local bricks and mortar camera supplier. You will get guaranteed better service, and maybe even better prices. Not dissing any online vendors at all. Just give your local guys a shot at helping you with better photography. I have no attachment to any photo vendor, by the way.