This is what photos from a $63,000 camera look like


What kind of images does a $63,000 stills camera produce? Here’s a 19-minute video by Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography in which he uses a Phase One XF medium format DSLR to show the bang for your buck that you get when you spend 63 grand on a camera kit.

The Phase One XF is a medium-format camera built with a modular design. That means you can interchange not only the lenses but also the backs of the camera. In this particular setup, the new $50,000 Phase One IQ3 monochrome back is being tested.

This may be blasphemous to professional photographers (or it may be because I’m looking at the images via a web browser) but the composition of the sample images (and the images on the video) is kind of boring and you can’t really see where the $63,000 value is.