Scents from a mall: The sticky, untold story of Cinnabon


When she picked up the phone that day, she had no idea this mysterious cinnamon roll project would ultimately become a national brand with 1,200 franchised locations in 48 countries. Or that people would still ask her for autographs and photos nearly four decades later.

This singular product of 1980s mall culture sprang to life in a test kitchen. Its unrepentant decadence remains lodged in our psyche.

Lobster. Cinnabons. Those are the only two foods I find absolutely irresistible and will never turn down a chance to eat in amounts that would terrify lesser men. Just the smell of Cinnabons in a mall will have me salivating and immediately buying a half dozen of the gigantic, sugary, cinnamon-filled balls of doughy heaven. And I’ll have eaten at least two of them before I even leave the mall.