Jason Snell’s Apple results charts

After every Apple results call, I look forward to stepping through Jason Snell’s charts. They make the results much easier to understand.

Start with the revenue-by-category pie chart to get a sense of where the money comes from, then take a look at the year-over-year charts to get a sense of how each segment is doing compared the the same period a year ago.

Jason’s post also contains insights on the comments made on the call as well. If you care about Apple’s business side, this is a good read.

  • I agree, his post is the best one I’ve seen yet on yesterday’s results.

    I’m surprised and delighted that the iPhone 8 has done and is doing as well as it has (I bought one and love it). No doubt the holiday quarter will be Apple’s best yet with the X added in. Wish I had more shares of AAPL…

  • Caleb Hightower

    And for those that care:

    Apple Quarterly Net Profit: $10.7 bn

    Apple Cash on Hand: $256.8 bn

    Apple’s market cap reached $900 bn in after-hours trading.


    • GlennC777

      The net cash figure (what I would think of as “cash”) is a little over half that. @asymco tracks this and just updated his chart.

      • Caleb Hightower

        Ah, got my stats from another article. Link maybe?