How to get the iPhone X’s exclusive new ringtone on your older iPhone


One of the many ways Apple sets its smartphones apart from the herd is with special ringtones, dating back to the original iPhone and its iconic Marimba melody. The iPhone X is no different. It features an exclusive default ringtone called “Reflection.”

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Reflection audio file onto a Mac or PC.

Sounds like a great idea but is their methodology not working for anyone else? Trying to drag the new ringtone into iTunes for me doesn’t get me anywhere.

  • logich

    the key for me was dragging it in only when my phone was plugged in and I had selected and was viewing Tones.

  • laurelstreet

    It worked only when I toggled over the Tones pane. I tried dropping it into the Library but that doesn’t work.

  • TusconJay

    Change the extension to .m4r

  • That’s because the latest iTunes does not support Ringtones for the iPhone any more. You have to use a program such as Fission to manage custom ringtones on iPhones now.

    • That’s odd… I’m able to drag ringtones (.m4r files) into iTunes and have it sync over to my iPhone with no problem.

      Not sure where you got the idea that you need a 3rd party app.

      • You’re right. I read a support document at Apple about changes, but misread the direct downloading of ringtones in iOS 11 to mean iTunes was losing that capability along with no longer managing apps for iOS. My mistake.

  • Geek Life 3.0

    The problem is that the dopes at Lifehacker have (unsurprisingly) gotten this FUBAR. After you download the file (Reflection.m4r.m4a) strip the “.m4a” part off the filename. Then you can just drag and drop it to iTunes regardless of whether or not your phone is plugged in.

    iTunes native ringtones have an “m4r” extension. Not exactly news, or hard to look up. Except for Lifehacker, apparently.


  • The keys for me to get it to work:

    • remove the .m4a extension after saving the file (it saves as Reflection.m4r.m4a).
    • Command + C…go to device in iTunes under Tones…Command + V. (drag and drop would NOT work for me)
    • rick gregory

      This worked for me too. I dont like the tone, but hey, had to check it out.

  • Mo

    Nice tone. I might make that my new wake-up-alarm sound.