Macphun unveils Luminar 2018 to take on Adobe Lightroom


software developer Macphun (soon to be Skylum) has announced Luminar 2018, a digital photo editor and organizer that’s aiming to be a direct competitor to Adobe Lightroom.

Unlike past versions of Macphun software, Luminar 2018 is available for both Mac and Windows users. Not only that, but the new software boasts “major speed boosts” compared to its predecessor.

Offering “everything a modern photographers needs,” Luminar 2018 has many of the features and functions that will be familiar to Lightroom users.

This is a very steep hill to climb and I wish Macphun all the best in the attempt. More competition/software is good for users.

  • freediverx

    I desperately want a good alternative to Lightroom, but have yet to find one nearly as good, and Lightroom is nowhere near as good as Aperture was (interface, workflows, performance, macOS/iCloud integration.)

    • Janak Parekh

      Apple dropping Aperture continues to make me sad. I thought it was a great product.

      TBH, as a pure amateur, I’m just using Photos mostly these days, while keeping a copy of my photos in my Lightroom library mostly for archival. I’m hoping as the Photos plugin ecosystem improves, it provides enough of what I need. I freely admit this is not right for everyone, though.