Photo enhancement is starting to get crazy


As the worlds of artificial intelligence and digital photography collide, we’re starting to see some mind-blowing technology emerge. The latest research in turning low-resolution photos into high-definition photos may drop your jaws — it’s starting to cross into the realm of sci-fi.

The examples used in the article are amazing.

  • James Hughes

    It’s almost like using a painterly effect. With the bird, looking at the branch, the branch details are lost but they way it’s blurred and shifted gives a higher resolution “look” interesting.

    What would also be interesting to try is to take a high resolution logo, seriously reducer the resolution and see what happens.

  • JimCracky

    Great, now my images I post to the web can be stolen and made into high res prints.

    • James Hughes

      High res looking maybe. But really its just a blur of the surrounding info. Like a better Gaussian blur with extraneous artifacts removed. I could do the same with a mask.

  • brucej


  • GlennC777

    I’m less impressed. It looks like the software is merely “guessing” rather than algorithmically finding a way to add back in the lost data. Look at the zebra’s head, for example: something is very wrong with that zebra.

    Perhaps the “guesses” are pretty good, but they are, nevertheless, false information.

  • I’m amazed at why some people think this is amazing.

  • Mo

    I’ve worked on not a few print-design projects that lacked proper high-resolution images—for which some of these results would likely have been satisfactory.