240 new emojis out now in iOS 11.1


iOS 11.1 was released on October 31, 2017 and includes 240 new emojis including Giraffe, Face Vomiting, Genie, Sauropod (dinosaur) and more. A number of existing emojis changed in this update, such as Honeybee, Ram, and Tumbler Glass.

I use four emojis. This is overkill for me.

UPDATE: There seems to be some discrepancy in the number of emojis announced but, as Kip Beatty pointed out in the comments below:

The number is so high because for many of the emojis Apple now adds a range of skin tones to cover a variety of ethnicities.”

Makes sense. Thanks Kip!

  • rick gregory

    Ya know… I’m fine with them adding whatever emojis… but it’s a little worrisome how central they seem to be to messaging around releases.

    • Worry! Concern! Doom!

      • rick gregory

        No, and quit being an ass, ok?

        I think it’s a little odd that they make such a deal out of adding, basically, new characters to a character set – I’d hope updates have more important things than that.

        • Seems like Apple are using Emoji updates as means to encourage “normie” users to install updates instead of endlessly dismissing the reminders.

          • rick gregory

            Good point.

        • Janak Parekh

          As James said, user-understandable motivations matter. Otherwise, users keep on putting off upgrade reminders (my family does this all the time).

          People get unreasonably excited about this stuff. “Oh, you don’t have the latest OS update? That’s why you don’t see my burritos!” => insta-update for iMessage addicts.

        • it’s not being an ass to suggest your “concern” is needless hand wringing.

          • rick gregory

            It’s being an ass when you don’t add any value in the comment and are needlessly assholish. Welcome to /ignore.

    • They’re central to the messaging because it’s effective in getting people to upgrade!

      There’s no way there’s significant coding development effort going into these, and we should all be in favor of anything that keeps artists fed and off the street. 😉

      • rick gregory

        I’m all for roly-poly artists!

        • As long as I’m no longer begged to sponsor one for just a cup of coffee per day. 😉

  • How many words in the dictionary do you use? Does it harm you that there are more words stored in it on your iphone than you use? Or characters in other unicode character sets than the chars you use? Nope, and nope. Same thing with emoji, which are just additional characters in a unicode character set. Since the emoji keyboard keeps your four commonly used chars to the most left, this won’t have any affect on you.

  • James Hughes

    It’s becoming almost like it’s own language. It’s pretty cool actually. I do sometimes look for an emoji and there isn’t one for whatever particular thing I was trying to convey. I do hope someone comes up with a way to shade the characters color without having 20 or so of the same emoji’s in different colors. A slider for example, probably a bad example, but you get the gist.

  • James Hughes

    Shawn, surely you can use the curling one! Yes, I just called you surely.

    • Dude. Come on. If you’re not going to let me finish the joke….DON’T MAKE THE JOKE!


      • James Hughes

        Whoops, where are my manners.

    • lkalliance

      Funny to see an essentially verbal joke translate to written.

      • James Hughes

        It is, i thought so when i wrote it and considered spelling it Shirley.

  • JimCracky


    • I really want this to be added as an emoji, complete with stick-figure-ness, for the sheer silliness of doing so. 🙂

  • What’s the difference between a merman and a merperson?

  • Kip Beatty

    The number is so high because for many of the emojis Apple now adds a range of skin tones to cover a variety of ethnicities. Given how fundamental emoji are now to communication among children and teens, this is a very good thing.

    Emoji have become a second language for our younger messengers, which is a far cry from the days of old farts like Shawn and myself slapping a smiley or frown face at the end of a sentence.

    UPDATE: Looks to be about 70 total without the skin tones. You can see the new ones here, sans the skin tones.


  • Costa k

    “I use four emojis”

    That’s three more than me.

  • Mo

    Apart from very simple, high-contrast designs, if the emoji is the same size as the text in, say, a chat box, it’s just a tiny smudge of color that I’m likely to ignore anyway.

  • IndianaDevil

    They came out with ILY (ASL for I love you) and it’s great. Nice to see this addition.