The first motorcycle to use Apple CarPlay has been announced

Ars Technica:

Honda this week announced its new 2018 Gold Wing, the first bike to come equipped with Apple’s infotainment system. It will arrive next February and start at $23,500.

CarPlay’s implementation on the Gold Wing is a bit different from what it looks like on a four-wheeled automobile.

The Gold Wing sets the standard for luxury touring motorcycles so it’s no great surprise they would be the first to include CarPlay.

  • I would kick this off my lawn if I could 🙂 I pedal quietly in the mountains, and I can hear motos blasting their stereos from valleys away.

    • As a motorcyclist, I hate those guys blasting their bike stereos as much as I hate it when cars do it. 🙁

  • Dana Pellerin

    Lots of cool tech in this bike, and much better looking than the last few revisions in my opinion.