Tuscany from the lens of iPhone 8+

Om Malik:

I was in Tuscany, Italy recently and had a chance to put the new iPhone 8+ through the paces. While I made a lot of photos with my Leica SL, I wanted to take a moment and share some of the fantastic photos that came out of the iPhone.


  • Wow…those are spectacularly….boring for the most part…

    • To me, a lot of them don’t seem to know what their subject is. That said, I like the first and last photo… though the last photo needs more head room.

  • John Kordyback

    As I’ve said before, I love my 7+ as my everyday camera. I still drag out my Sony a6000 for special occasions but I think 70-80% of my pictures are taken with my iPhone.

    I would say that my iPhone is a serious camera, except that I have way too much fun with it.

    P.S. If you already haven’t listened to Jim and Shawn’s Dalrymple Report on iPhone photography then you should.

  • AAPL.To.Break.$160.Soon.>:-)

    Nice photos. Very tranquil and serene. It’s nice to know there are still places like that on the planet. I live in NYC, so seeing miles of open space are a rarity for me.

    • Speaking as someone who has travelled a lot, most of the planet is “very tranquil and serene” with miles of open spaces. Maybe you need to get out of NYC more often? 🙂

  • They’re decent snapshots. Amazing is not a word I would use.

    • I’ve been to that area of the world and it is spectacularly beautiful. I was under the impression Om was an “accomplished” photographer but, frankly, these shots simply aren’t worth the bother of shooting them on an iPhone 8+ nor are they what I would have expected from someone others describe as a “good photographer”.

      • rick gregory

        A few are nice (the first one, second and second from the last). Others are generic.

        To be fair, though, the ones Khurt linked to are great photos but they’re helped a lot by the settings being striking in many cases. And frankly? Most people do snapshots like Om’s.

        It’s one reason I think the emphasis on camera quality is a mistake – what we’ve had since the 5 and especially the 6/6S is plenty good enough for what the VAST majority of people do with a camera and can, as the link from Khurt shows, even turn out some spectacular images.

        Yes, portrait mode is really nice and some of the new stuff is too… but it really feels like we’re at and mostly past the point of diminishing returns in straight up photography.

      • struckpaper

        Om Malik is not an accomplished photographer. But neither is he an accomplished technologist. It does not stop him from pontificating on both topics as if he were an expert.

    • struckpaper

      These are not amazing photographs either. Just greater color saturation and more contrast, both of which impress the less knowledgeable as good photography

    • GlennC777

      Absolutely. Even disregarding the arguable over-saturation/editing in your linked photos, the subjects, composition and lighting are far more interesting and pleasant to view, at least in my opinion.

      To anybody who disagrees, my first question is, can you produce equally appealing photos, with any camera at all? “Cheat” as much as you want on editing and settings.

  • So many haters on this post. I definitely think that whatever personal vendetta you have against Om, the photos show the inherent brilliance of the iPhone capturing the world around us that we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have the IPhone or digital cameras readily available.

    • Disagreeing or not liking the photos is not being a “hater” or having a “personal vendetta” against anyone. It’s simply offering an opinion. And I don’t think the linked photos show the “inherent brilliance” of the iPhone. Most of the images are perfectly ordinary, bland “holiday snapshots” you’d see using any camera.