Eric Clapton: “Wonderful Tonight”

People often ask me why I love Eric’s guitar playing so much—this song sums it up. Clapton doesn’t need to play 100 notes a second to make you appreciate his playing. The opening riff is so heartfelt and meaningful, it makes you listen.

  • He’s not only a brilliant guitarist, he’s a brilliant arranger.

  • Raman Pfaff

    Mark Knopfler is another one that can (when he wants to) play a few notes to create some amazing music. Classic with him and Eric.

  • nizy

    Great point Jim. River of Tears is another great example of this from Clapton:

  • JimCracky

    Jeff Beck has a new live record out.

  • steveHmusic

    “Wonderful” is the way he shapes his phrases.