“While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one”

So when we ran out of buttons to hide our software’s UI behind, it really forced us to use our imagination. Instead of squeezing UI in where it didn’t fit, we built a new button to conceal it: it’s called the Camera Button.

I didn’t even think this was possible.

  • DanielSw

    That’s clever!

  • gglockner

    Great, now you can get fingerprints on the camera lens. And it will only work until Apple makes this illegal in their UI guidelines.

    • They don’t need to make it illegal. They will take down an app for anything that isn’t expressly allowed. It merely needs to be brought to their attention. And now it has.

      This reminds me of the app a number of years ago (I think it was Camera+) that got taken down because it used the volume up button to take a photo. After they removed the feature and got reinstated, Apple started using the volume up button to take a photo.

      • spazsquatch

        There was a lot of conspiracy around the reinstatement, but it always seemed to me that it was a case of Apple saying “this isn’t how we do things” and the developer arguing “but you should be”.

        Once Apple accepted the idea was a good one, leading to the reinstatement, it would be foolish for them not to implement it themselves.

  • Herding_sheep

    Ok, so thats a clever solution. But is it the right solution? My money is on no.

    First of all, its a completely alien interaction to iOS. Secondly, it requires persistent camera access. Sure 1% CPU utilization sounds great, but that doesn’t account for the camera hardware itself requiring a persistent on state. That uses battery too. Then there’s the privacy implications, which may sound like its addressed, but call me skeptical. Finally, I doubt a left edge gesture couldn’t have solved the same problem. iOS doesn’t have a left edge gesture, unless I’m forgetting one. This would be more discoverable than tapping on the camera (IMO). Also a left gesture will remain on the left regardless of device orientation.

    So its a cool little hack, but not as practical in my mind. If the option can be disabled and replaced with the volume button, what exactly is the point, other than to seem cool and novel?

    • it is a hack, reminiscent of the biggest UI hack of all: shake to undo.