Tony Fadell sues Andy Rubin for theft of trade secrets

Privately owned Keyssa Inc, backed by iPod co-creator Tony Fadell is suing Essential Products Inc, a smartphone startup founded by Andy Rubin, the co-creator of the Android mobile phone operating system, accusing it of theft of trade secrets in a lawsuit filed on Monday in U.S. federal court in San Francisco.

Andy Rubin basically stole iOS to create Android, so is it out of the realm to think he stole this technology from Fadell? Absolutely not. Especially since Rubin was in talks with Fadell’s company for 10 months.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Hope Fadell burns Rubin.

  • Mo

    “It’s just my nature,” said the scorpion.

    • I had a much longer reply but now I feel I don’t need it. Congrats, you’ve killed all discussion here by being smart. 🙂

      • Mo

        [sad walk]

    • Tom_P

      Indeed. Glad that I was never associated with that bunch. (never buy any products from Rubin or from any companies associated with Rubin)

      • Mo

        I kind of wish I’d never been associated with one sysadmin guy who’d likely still defend anything Rubin has ever done.