Tesla fires hundreds of employees

The dismissals come at a crucial point for the company, which is pushing to increase vehicle production five-fold and reach a broader market with its new Model 3 sedan. The electric vehicle maker missed targets for producing the lower-cost sedan, manufacturing only 260 last quarter despite a wait list of more than 450,000 customers.

  • NB

    The lede might be buried on this:

    “Tesla has faced ongoing discontent from some factory workers, who have complained about work conditions and wages below the auto industry average.

    Tesla has a hearing before the National Labor Relations Board in November for charges that company supervisors and security guards harassed workers distributing union literature. Tesla denied the accusations.

    Openly pro-union workers were among those fired this week. Some believe they were targeted.

    The company denied union activities played a role in the dismissals.”

  • JimCracky

    Tesla can’t manage anything right. Elon Musk is sometimes a charlatan.

    • but but but he is the next steve jobs and should become apple CEO! (sarcasm. fanboys love this guy)