Woz on stage at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review writeup:

New technologies are sometimes a selfish endeavor, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told a crowded Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

He built the Apple II, the computer that made Apple a household name , because he wanted color in arcade games.


“Steve made the iPhone, not for you and me. He made it for himself,” Wozniak said of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. “It had to be elegant and simple, which were design flaws.”


Wozniak didn’t hold back on criticisms of Jobs. He said a 2015 movie about Jobs nailed the man’s personality. He put blame for the failures of the Apple III, the Lisa and other products on Jobs.

Read the rest of the article for more on this. While I’ve heard Woz hint at these things before, I’ve never heard of an interview in which he gets so specific on his feelings about Steve Jobs. This article gets into one specific anecdote, but from what I’ve heard, he did relate others on stage.

  • if Jobs wasnt in charge of the III or the Lisa not sure how the failures get laid at his feet.

  • SV650

    Seems like Woz is getting bitter in his old age. Sometimes it’s better to take the high road.

  • JimCracky

    you probably wouldn’t want steve jobs to be a relative.

  • JRoth95

    FYI, this is from the Tribune-Review. The Press shut down 20+ years ago. I was briefly confused about whether this was an old article.

    Also, I had no idea this was even happening. Probably wouldn’t have gone, but an interesting night.

    • Dave Mark

      Hah!!! I went to CMU, lived in Pittsburgh back in the day. I saw The Trib, and my brain translated to Pittsburgh Press. Thanks for catching this, fixed.

      — Dave

      • JRoth95

        Hah. When were you there? I started at CMU in ’90.

  • rick gregory

    ““It had to be elegant and simple, which were design flaws.””

    And this is why we don’t let most engineers design products (and vice versa perhaps).