Using Long Exposure in iOS 11’s Photos app


I pulled my iPhone 8 Plus out of my pocket and took one exposure, handheld, with the Live Photos feature turned on. And then I applied Apple’s new Long Exposure effect in the Photos app. That’s it. The Long Exposure effect is dirt-simple to use.

Anyone who has used a DSLR to take long exposure shots will look at this technique with a little bit of envy. The iPhone shots aren’t perfect but they are damn good all things considered.

  • rick gregory

    Thing is, they’re good enough for what most of us do with iPhone images… post on social media or share via email and say “hey, check out this shot of the falls…”.

    Thing is, while sometimes iPhones can be used in professional settings, that’s not the criterion by which we judge them. They overwhelmingly are for taking snapshots and other spontaneous shots and they are overwhelmingly wielded by amateurs. We’re not making that shot for a magazine cover or a calendar or something so the loss of detail here and there is perfectly fine. I like that Apple realizes this.

  • Mo

    I like how Apple seems to be thinking of people who aspire to take better pictures.

  • Those of us who have adopted the Olympus MFT system (I got the new E-M1 Mark II), I can do 10 second hand-held photos that will make the iPhones picture pale in comparison.

    • LOL Yes, very true. And completely missing the point….

  • Guest

    Doesn’t seem to be available on the iPhone 6. I have some Live Photos transferred from my wife’s 6S to my 6, and I can view/edit them as Live Photos (including adjusting playback and setting the keyframe). But swiping up only reveals People, Related, and Show Photos from this Day. No effects.

    Seems odd that they’d support any viewing/editing of Live Photos on older phones, but then deliberately disable this? So what if applying the effect takes longer on older hardware, this is not realtime like capturing the photo in the first place is.