Apple’s paper and packaging strategy


Forests are a wonderful resource for cleaning air, purifying water, sequestering carbon, and sheltering wildlife. As part of Apple’s commitment to resource conservation, we designed and run a program to address the impact of our use of paper for packaging.

The initiative started with a detailed assessment of Apple’s fiber use, which led to a three-part strategy: (1) use paper more efficiently and, where possible, use recycled paper; (2) source virgin fiber responsibly; and (3) protect and create sustainable working forests.

A link to this PDF showed up in my email box. It’s an interesting document that shows Apple’s wonderfully clever packaging goes hand in hand with a commitment to minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Mo

    I love clever, efficient packaging.

    • James Hughes

      I think more and more people are starting to appreciate this. No doubt in large part, because of Apple.

      • Mo

        One hopes. If I never have to throw away another indestructible piece of plastic packaging, I can be a bit happier.

        • James Hughes

          And oh my god.. stop using peanuts! I actually tried a food service thing to help my son out with a discount. So much waste.

          • Mo

            Remediation is always someone else’s problem.

            FWIW, I’m seeing more box-packing filler made from crumpled paper these days.

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  • George3C

    Thanks so very much for this, Shawn. It does my Type A personality a reassuring bounce! Hard to imagine the day, so many years ago, when Apple was doomed by some to collapse, whereas today, it is encouraging worldwide production that may even help stabilize the Chinese economy and expand around the world. “Apple has a forestry policy” is such an encouraging note to wise and considerate investors worldwide. I am sure that the Sage of Omaha is taking note of Apple’s actions.