Hey Siri, play some music

You can ask Siri to do a lot of things with the Apple Music app, and most of them work quite well. I often ask Siri to play the Hard Rock music station and it does. However, I got a nice surprise yesterday with Siri and Apple Music.

Instead of being specific on what I asked to be played, I simply said “Hey Siri, play some music.” What I got was a customized music station that played a collection of my favorite songs. These were different songs than the ones in “My Favorites Mix” and it even setup a station on the “For You” section of Apple Music called “Jim Dalrymple’s Station.”

I was sure I had given Siri this command before, but nothing like this happened. Maybe this is new or perhaps I gave Siri a different command in the past. The station hasn’t shown up on my Apple Music profile page for friends to see yet, but hopefully it will.

Whatever happened, I’m glad it did. I’m really enjoying this new station.

  • Eugene

    Nice, Siri never played music for me without an Apple Music subscription. Now it finally plays all songs, shuffled. Not sure when that happened as well, but it’s definitely more convenient.

  • StraightlineBoy

    And yet (even though I do have an Apple Music sub) Siri will completely ignore the 3000+ songs that I have on my iPhone and therefore won’t do this if I’m not on wifi (my data allowance is low so I don’t let it do Apple Music over cellular). There’s a lot of room for improvement

    • Yes, that drives me nuts.

    • Thom

      Interesting – it’s definitely playing locally cached songs for me.

      • StraightlineBoy

        Depends what you ask it… have just tried. If I say “Play music” it will resume playback of local music, but if I say “Play me some Iron Maiden” (and I have all of their albums stored locally) then Siri won’t do it (tells me to change my settings so it can use cellular data which means it isn’t looking at local files). What makes this more annoying is that before Apple Music this command worked. It’s infuriating stuff like this which mean I don’t use Siri much.

  • I find “Play [artist]’s latest album” to be super useful.

  • ungeheier

    Love that Gojira album! Saw them open for Metallica a few months back.